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Look, pick in the shop. Study in one of my online courses, buy an embroidery pattern and make beautiful products with a Hungarian motif, and enjoy the beauty of your creative work.


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Glad you came across the Machine Embroidery Academy website! My name is Zsuzsa Maurer and I will give you as many useful and practical tips and ideas as possible on machine embroidery. I worked as a light industry engineer as a sewing manager, and then found my true place in the business world.
Now I have been working in the family business of machine embroidery for more than 14 years (

I make embroidery for businesses, companies, institutions, clubs, individuals and, thanks to my experience, our modern machine park, we place great emphasis on producing the right quality embroidery on time. In the meantime, I also see that many people like to make machine embroidery a hobby and find no help.


There are many different regions in Hungary, which have developed their own embroidery world over the centuries. You can find compositions composed of these Hungarian folk motifs and sample groups in the webshop. The crafted designs are traditional treasures designed with sophisticated taste. Take home a bit of Hungarian culture, create beautiful works with Hungarian motifs, and enjoy every moment and beauty of your creative hobby.


Learn my beginner and advanced Bernina DesignerPlus8 embroidery pattern editing courses, which you can do at your own pace, from home. In each lesson, you will also be given practical assignments in the lessons that you will need to complete on your own embroidery machine. From the basics – from setting up the interface – to making the free standing lace, which is already an embroidery that requires a high degree of technical training. And you will know that too!

Reviews from my happy costumer

You said

“What do I think of the course? It is a huge experience for me! I’ve always loved pushing the boundaries of my creativity, now I’ve been given new opportunities. The material is understandably logical and easy to follow, even for such a tangled grandmother. I love doing it, I love “mumbling” with it until it becomes what I imagined. Maybe sacrilege but I liked this kind of work better than the embroidery itself. Special thanks to Zsuzsa for watching the group at any time of the day, for helping at the end of the week. I’m glad to be here and I look forward to continuing.”

Szőnyi Istvánné Kati

“In very well structured lessons, describe the information clearly. I was especially happy with the videos because I watched them as many times as I needed, I was able to move at my own pace, they helped me a lot in learning. The theoretical parts were also very useful, giving a short, concise but concise explanation of what we do and why. So for me safety, good basics and a lot of useful new information has been given to this course. I am sure that there are still thousands of new and new possibilities in these machines and in Zsuzsa’s mind, so I am excited to continue !!!!!”

Tóth Tímea

“This course was a huge experience for me, I got out of complete ignorance very quickly, until I already know how to edit a sample and I can make it. The lessons of the course build on each other very nicely, complementing each other with video and text curriculum. In the meantime, we were able to discuss the issues in a good little facebook community, I’m glad to be a member of this group. In a word, I loved every minute of the course, it gave me a huge experience of success!
Thank you very much Zsuzsa for your work and encouragement, real professional work!”

Bera Márti

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