You must have thought about buying an embroidery machine, needing an embroidery machine, or dare to buy an embroidery machine. Because this is a big investment, you are probably hesitating. To pay that much money ……. Can I do it? …… Will it work for me? I had them too.

Why would some of them want to dissuade you?

This area may be so foreign to them that they doubt it. But, unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that a negative-minded person tries to influence you, who is afraid to try again, and is also held back by envy. But there are those who believe in your idea and in you. The bad news is that you can listen to opinions, but it is up to you to make the final decision. I’m not gonna tell you the tutu either. However, I will tell you my story and tell you in a few words what you should think about before you make your final decision.

Many people have come to see me in my embroidery shop, always wondering about my machines, the technique itself, and the wonderful work that comes out of the machines. Some people just look around silently with amazement, but there are some who ask different questions. Some are wondering how the machine works, how do they know what to do, some are asking if it is possible to make a living, and some are interested in getting in touch with embroidery, or “How will someone become a machine embroidery?”

I graduated as a light industry engineer, then worked in the clothing industry, first as a tailor and then as a tailor. Thanks to this work, I got in touch with embroidery and managed to get to a machine embroidery workshop, where, then, I, with amazement, looked at the working machines and the beautiful embroidery.
A few years later, I was planning on going back from seamstress to sewing or heading. That’s when I went to a sewing and embroidery machine show where household embroidery machines were introduced. Then I decided to buy an embroidery machine. As it was not a small investment, we sold our car worth $ 2 million at that time, and for half the price of the car I purchased an embroidery machine (Brother sewing-embroidery), embroidery software and supplies.

Then I started my small business. Zero experience, zero knowledge, English description, no English knowledge. Then came the negative experiences…. the use of the software, the quality of the embroidery, contracted, the embroidery was not accurate. I fought, but I fought, I studied and I learned. My husband often saw my doubts about what would happen, but he was always there and encouraged me. It’s been 14 years. At the moment I can be proud of a much larger machine fleet and many orders.

To help you make the right decision, I suggest that you consider the following and answer yourself honestly.
What would you know or want to use the machine for?

  • Do you want to embroider yourself and your family, or even business-like?
  • If for yourself, how much embroidery would you do with it?
  • Would you sometimes embroider a towel you bring as gifts? If so, it’s cheaper to do it somewhere.
  • Or do you love quilting and could you make a profit there?
  • Or can you sew and decorate your kids’ clothes? Then you should think about investing.
  • If you want to embroider for sale, the investment is definitely worth it.
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