Beautiful, aesthetic and high quality embroidery has a number of conditions, but in my opinion the most important thing is to have a perfect embroidery program. I always believe that the heart of embroidery is the embroidery program. Yours can be the world’s coolest, state-of-the-art high-tech embroidery machine, if you don’t use the right program, it won’t produce quality.

Of course, this is not to say that you don’t need a beautifully working, reliable embroidery machine, but let’s not forget that the computer does what we humans “tell” it.

The embroidery machine will also do what we tell it with the embroidery program, as it reads all the information from it. Stitch type, stitch size, stitch density, color change, etc.

Thousands of embroidery patterns can be found on the Internet, either for money or freely downloadable, and can be purchased from embroidery machine distributors. I wrote a blog post about it, if you are interested HERE to read it. But most importantly, you can make your own.

Let’s take a look at the embroidery pattern. But these are important not only for making, but also for patterns downloaded from the Internet, as you can use these criteria to check that the program is really perfect for embroidery.

  • The graphic design should be aesthetically pleasing, you might say look good. Color shapes should be in balance.
  • Shapes and shapes in the pattern should be made with the correct stitch type and outline.
  • The stitching angle should match the shapes.
  • The stitches should be neat and properly filled.
  • The shapes should fit perfectly with no gaps between them.
  • The letters must be clear and easy to read. This requires a properly chosen font, colors, and application of the correct font size.
  • Of course, as I wrote above, not only the quality of embroidery depends on the program, but also, for example, the optimum choice of thread, raw material, needle, embroidery pad.

If you would like to learn the technique of making professional embroidery patterns and how Bernina software works, take a look at my online course.

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