Embroidery machines are expensive investments, so it is important to maintain them continuously and regularly. If you care about your machine, not only will it last longer, but you can also make quality embroidery with it. Improperly maintained machines are more likely to fail and have sewing problems.

It is important to treat your machine properly from day one, as repair costs are high and if you use it for business purposes, you will also lose revenue during downtime.

Always keep the machine clean. I suggest you do your cleaning every day. If you can do it when not in use.

Wipe the machine with a soft cloth. Also clean the spool. There is an increased accumulation of lint, which can cause improper stitch formation, thus degrading the quality of embroidery. You can clean the spool with a soft brush, but the easiest way is to clean it with compressed air. You can buy it in the form of such a small spray bottle.

If you choose a brush, buy small brushes for painting in a paper store in several sizes.

If your machine has a mechanical upper thread tensioner, sometimes the thread tensioners need to be disassembled and cleaned. The fiber tension can be disturbed even by dirt that is invisible to the eye.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the machine, it should also be oiled. Before you get started, find out where to lubricate your machine and how often. You can usually find this in the machine’s manual.

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