• Learn, learn, learn! No one was born to know all the tricks of machine embroidery. Practice a lot, the more you learn, the more you do, the better you will be!

  • If you fail at first, don’t give up! Try again! I also threw out a t-shirt because the embroidery failed. When you learned to walk you fell a few times. Who more than once, who less often. But you always stood up and went on. You can walk now.

  • Embroidery is a challenge. Move from small projects to big ones. That is, do a simpler job first, then a more complex one. That way you will have a sense of success, and if something does not come together afterwards, you will not be disappointed.

  • Make a note! Write down what needle and stabilizer (embroidery washer) you were able to make certain patterns with. You can also write down what material you made it for. Just take notes, anything that might help you later!

  • If you can, design your own embroidery room with an entrance, or just a little corner. It’s a good thing not to always put the embroidery machine away when you’re not using it. Believe me, you will create many more times if you don’t have to start the job by prepacking everything.

  • You can make embroidery with patterns stored in the embroidery machine, but you can use your own patterns, or programs downloaded or purchased from the Internet that you will store on your computer. It is important to make a copy of such embroidery patterns. Either to an external winchester or a CD. So if something happens to your computer, your samples will still be safe.

  • To avoid mistakes, it is advisable to make a trial embroidery.
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