What is the frame, what is its role in embroidery? It can be said to be one of the most important accessories of an embroidery machine.

We frame the raw material, the finished product, that we want to embroider. Then we place this in the frame actuator of the embroidery machine. This will be moved by the machine in the “all kinds” direction according to the program based on the embroidery program fed into the machine, and thus the embroidery on the fabric will be nicely formed.

The size of the embroidery determines the size of the frame, and the size of the frame determines the maximum amount of embroidery we can make with our machine. Therefore, it is very important what size frames are included with our machine, and what size frames can be purchased in addition. After all, the size of the frame can set a limit to our ideas and creativity.

Machines of different brands have frames of different sizes. Manufacturers specify dimensions in inches or mm.

It’s worth noting that most samples that can be purchased online or downloaded for free are usually made for 4 ”× 4” or 5 ”× 7” frames, i.e. 100 × 100mm and 130 × 180mm.

I would also mention an important frame, and this is the cap frame with which you can embroider a baseball cap in a professional way. It is true that a cap can be embroidered on a single-needle embroidery machine (eg a sewing machine), but it is quite maceric, lengthy, and last but not least, it is easy to miss the place of embroidery on the cap.

However, here is a video where you can see this technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku12NmFgYMc

If you just want to embroider a cap for your family sometimes, this works, but if you want to even work to order, you might want to buy a machine that can be fitted with a cap frame.

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