About me

The Woman behind Academy

Glad you came across the Machine Embroidery Academy website! My name is Zsuzsa Maurer and I will give you as many useful and practical tips and ideas as possible on machine embroidery. I worked as a light industry engineer as a sewing manager, and then found my true place in the business world.

Now I have been working in the family business of machine embroidery for more than 14 years (www.maurerhimzes.hu).

I make embroidery for businesses, companies, institutions, clubs, individuals and, thanks to my experience, our modern machine park, we place great emphasis on producing the right quality embroidery on time. In the meantime, I also see that many Hungarian people like to make machine embroidery a hobby and find no help. Because there is none. However, there is a great deal of embroidery and a lot of cool embroidery for our family members, regardless of age.

A year ago, I started my first embroidery digitizing course in Hungary with the DesignerPlus8 software from Bernina. Thanks to a lot of positive feedback from students, the Brother Embroidery digitizing course has already started in Hungary. I decided to publish the very successful Online Bernina DesignerPlus8 course in English, hoping to be successful in this language field as well.