Licensing policy

Terms of use for embroidery patterns, copyright

The embroidery patterns that can be purchased on the website and downloaded after the purchase have been digitized by individual entrepreneur Zsuzsanna Maurer, thus the embroidery program (embroidery pattern) is the property of Zsuzsanna Maurer and is protected by copyright. Any use other than as licensed requires the prior written consent of the author


The license covers the following, ie what you can use the embroidery patterns for:

  • For personal use on an embroidery machine. 
  • You can use it on products made by you, which you can offer for sale at craft fairs and craft exhibitions. Alternatively, you can sell the product you made on which you have embroidered the pattern in an online store.
  • You can use it on a product that you make as a gift or for charity.

It is FORBIDDEN to use the embroidery pattern (digital) file as follows:

  • To sell, gift, send, inherit, resell the embroidery pattern in any way.
  • Sharing with others in any form – emailing to friends, acquaintances, sharing on storage, or any file sharing service – torrent, ncore, etc. is not allowed. sharing.
  • Do not use our images, texts on your own website or on social media (eg Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), forums, messages. On any online or offline interface, you better take your own photo and use it.
  • Do not use the sample on a machine that can be accessed and used by a third party.
  • You can’t use it in mass production.
  • It is forbidden to suggest that the embroidery pattern was made by you, you digitized it.

The buyer of the embroidery pattern acknowledges that in the event of such a violation, the Service Provider will take the matter to legal action with a claim for damages of HUF 600,000, ie HUF six hundred thousand.

  Courses, facebook page, website copyright

The Client undertakes not to use the information received as a study material in a way that is not related to the subject of the cooperation. The study materials are the copyright of the course organizer Zsuzsanna Maurer, an individual entrepreneur, their use requires the prior written consent of the authors in all cases. Sharing with others in any form – email, friends, friends, or any file sharing service – torrent, ncore, etc. is not allowed. sharing. The participant of the training acknowledges that in the event of such a violation, the Service Provider will take the matter to legal action with a claim for damages of HUF 4,000,000, ie HUF 4 million.

The entire content of the course and its website, Facebook page and group is protected by copyright, the content may be retransmitted in electronic or printed form only with the permission of Zsuzsanna Maurer. The materials and information shared there are for the course community, from there information, curriculum, aids, or information that can be related to the operation of the course cannot be published elsewhere, e.g. nor with screenshots.

The participant agrees to present the works completed in the course publicly by the Organizer, during their marketing activities e.g. It is used as an example on Facebook and does not make any financial claims against the Service Provider in this regard.
The Customer, as the Customer, acknowledges and does not object to the use of the information obtained by browsing the website only for private purposes. Customer, as a website visitor, acknowledges and does not dispute (unless you are notified by e-mail within 3 days of your visit) that the content of the website is the copyright and intellectual property of the website operator.

The operator of the website as the Rightsholder does not consent to the use, utilization, receipt, reproduction, distribution, public performance, adaptation or other use of the content for business purposes, in whole or in part, the implementation of which is subject to a fee. If the content of the Website or newsletters or courses or other materials and compilations is perceived in the same or similar form on the website of third parties, in printed form, in public lectures or in any other written or oral manner for business purposes without the permission of the website operator, we charge a penalty of HUF 35,000 per copied page per day. The penalty is a flat fee for illegal use, in addition to proving the infringement, the author is not obliged to prove actual damage. Illegal use is also evidenced by notarization, webmaster certification, and attorney screen capture in the event of a dispute. Notarial certification is a notarial deed.

In the absence of the authors’ consent and in the event of a dispute, the authors shall be deemed not to have given their consent to the disputed use in accordance with these terms and conditions.

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