Want to make your own embroidery patterns, but keep running into obstacles?
In vain do you struggle with Bernina software, but you don’t adjust to it?
You don’t even know how to stand for him?
Tired of lots of descriptions?
Do you feel you are alone with your problem?

Then this course is for YOU!

  • 6 modules with 21 lessons. It covers a total of 15 topics that you can access on a closed student interface after ordering and progress with them at your own pace.
  • You will also be given practical assignments in the lessons that you will need to complete.
  • You will receive a closed group perpetual membership on our social site.

You will also be given homework for each lesson, which I will check (this is an option, optional, if you don’t want to, I won’t check). You can also show your finished homework to our closed group of students.

What topics do we cover in the beginner online course?

  • you get to know the interface
  • you will learn the screen calibration
  • you make background and screen settings
  • get to know the embroidery library (library of embroidery patterns)
  • you will learn how to open, save, and import embroidery patterns
  • you will get to know the anatomy and structure of embroidery patterns
  • you will get to know the embroidery stitches
  • you will learn what the right stitch settings are
  • you will confidently transform embroidery patterns (reduction, enlargement, rotation, mirroring…)
  • you will learn how to create a caption and how to edit it
  • you will learn to digitize manually and then make an embroidery pattern based on existing graphics
  • you will also know how to make a redwork pattern
  • you learn to make an application
  • you are familiar with making complex patterns (making multiple embroidery patterns)
  • you will master the process of automatic digitization


for a beginner embroiderer who has just bought a machine and software, but still feels very lost in the world of machine embroidery,
for someone who has long since bought the embroidery machine and the software but has already given up, the expensive machine stands in the corner
for someone who uses Bernina software but is still not happy with the end result
for those who want to know the machine settings,
for someone who wants to finally make the patterns they really like,


Check out some of the student work done in the course!

for someone who is already an old motorcyclist, with many orders, professional embroidery

for one who has time to experiment and prefers to pay the tuition

nor for one who thinks that simply purchasing the course will make him/her an excellent programmer

for someone who speaks excellent English and prefers to study independently, this course is not suitable.

Legend has it that once a matyo bachelor was taken by the devil, and his bride only got him back if he gave the devil a full apron full of roses. It was hard at that time during the winter, so the food girl embroidered an apron with roses. After completing our Bernina Course, you can embroider not only roses, but also many other machine-embroidered embellishments for yourself, your children, or your family. Then the devil can come … you can solve anything … I want to say embroider!

You will need Bernina DesignerPlus8 software to complete this course, but you can also take this course with Bernina DesignerPlus7 (although there are differences).

You can spend the time you would spend traveling with your embroidery machine. With an online course, you can save a lot of money, and with that money you can buy even more beautiful embroidery threads. A closed Facebook group has also been set up so that we can talk to each other here, if you have any questions in the meantime, you can feel free to ask them in the group. I’ll help, I’ll answer. So I will practically get your hands on the course 

+ As a bonus, you even get an option next to the course: I created an online closed student Facebook group where we can chat with each other, if you have any questions in the meantime, you can feel free to ask them in the group. I’ll help, I’ll answer. So I will practically take your hand during the course 🙂 You can show me a picture here that will help us solve a problem. This is an interactive group where you can only talk to participants in this course and with me

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